brickpath-picture-yAs your executive coach, we take on the role of mentor, trainer, advisor, sounding board and confidant in an objective, confidential, and business focused manner.

We provide a coaching experience that is respectfully candid, has an eye on the future, identifies specific topics for development focus, and creates a path for leaders to follow for even more success.  Additionally our clients walk away with a variety of practical and actionable tips to help them become even more effective leaders.

Organizations typically hire an external executive coach to further develop high potential leaders, facilitate the transition of a leader into a new role, or to address potential career-derailing behavior.  From our experience, the most sustainable success occurs when our clients commit to proactive coaching for emerging leaders and leaders in transition; where the executive embraces the idea of coaching and ongoing personal development.

We don’t believe in an overly pre-scripted approach to coaching or an expectation of magical overnight changes. Our experience has validated that leaders need to build a relationship with a coach they trust and respect, collaborate to identify development priorities, and spend significant effort on a development plan designed for their personal situation and the uniqueness of their organization.  Our approach is one that allows the executive to methodically incorporate improved behaviors so that the end result is sustainable change where the client stays true to who they are.

Depending on the situation, we utilize a variety of tools and assessments including the PRADCO 360°, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), and the ThinkWiseTeam Effectiveness survey.  We supplement this with the use of proven personal leadership experience, research on leadership and communication to reinforce learning, along with a healthy dose of “holding up the mirror.”

Our clients have included leaders in a variety of industries and have spanned organizational levels from company owners and presidents to directors and mid-level managers; all with their unique development needs and organizational situations.

Team Coaching

Many organizations find great bottom-line value in having all leaders from a group experience coaching during the same time period.  When a group of leaders have the opportunity to provide each other feedback, receive personalized coaching, and address shared development needs together, teams get stronger.

Many of our clients find it beneficial to align this type of focused coaching with other strategic planning and team development activities.  We can help you design, plan for, and execute on a team development program that meets your business needs and your budget.  We enjoy the opportunity to assist an intact group of leaders focus on, and improve, their leadership, engagement, alignment, communication, accountability, and results.

Career Coaching

We have helped many individuals sort through a variety of career challenges.  Are you stuck in job that is not creating the personal and professional satisfaction you are looking for?  Are you a mid-career professional that is still struggling with what you are going to be when you grow up? Do you know what you want to do, and need help with the strategy and tactics to move forward?  We have assisted with: figuring out the right job for where you are in your career, how to network, creating a job search strategy, how to find a job in today’s market, how to create an impactful resume, how to use social media in a job search, how to interview, and how to negotiate a job offer.   Let us share our insight and knowledge of career planning and job search techniques to help you find the career situation that will provide you with the satisfaction you are looking for.